Water Seepage in Colorado

Water Seepage Problems in ColoradoCracks are not the only way that water can enter your basement. In some cases, water may be able to seep into the basement through the very concrete that makes up the foundation walls. If this is the case in your home, it is time to invest in one or more basement waterproofing methods from Rapid Foundation Repair. We can install various drainage systems and waterproofing products to keep water from seeping into your Colorado home and causing water issues such as mold growth, high humidity, musty odors, condensation, and other issues.

Normally, water seepage is the result of either high saturations of water in the ground around your foundation, or of water pooling on the surface of the ground right next to your foundation. If there is a large amount of groundwater in the soil near your home, the water could start to seep into the basement through the foundation walls. This happens because water naturally moves from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. Water that is pooling in your yard near the foundation can also seep through the concrete over time.

Water seepage not only creates basement water issues, but it also leads to a weakened foundation and deteriorates the concrete. This can lead to foundation crumbling and even crack formation as well as basement water issues.

Solutions for Water Seepage in Colorado from Rapid Foundation Repair

The waterproofing team at Rapid specializes in several different waterproofing techniques that can help to prevent water seepage and remove water that has seeped into the basement of your Colorado home. Some of these waterproofing methods are:

  • Interior Drainage: If you have a wet basement due to water seepage, you may want to invest in interior drainage. This system collects water seepage in the basement and brings the water to the sump pump system, where it is removed from the home.
  • Exterior Drainage: This is a system designed to prevent groundwater from getting to your foundation and to reduce the groundwater around your home. The main components are a waterproof membrane and a drainage board installed. on the foundation walls, and a drain pipe system around the base of the foundation.
  • Surface Drainage: Surface drainage is all about removing puddles from the yard and keeping standing water away from your foundation.
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation: This process involves lining your crawlspace with a layer of protective foil or plastic that seals the area, creating a moisture-free space. This vapor barrier can reduce the amount of water seepage that occurs in your crawlspace.

These are the main techniques that we use to prevent and correct water seepage in your basement. If you notice water seeping into the basement of your Colorado home, contact the experts at Rapid Foundation Repair right away.


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