Pooling Water in Yard in Denver, CO

Many people do not fully realize the dangers of large puddles of water in your yard and around your foundation. If water is allowed to collect in the low spots around your home, it can do more than just create marshy or swampy areas in your yard. The water may actually start to infiltrate your basement or increase the pressure in the soil around your home. This increased pressure can push on your foundation, leading to shifting and crack formation that make any basement water seepage problems even worse. For a solution to these problems, call the team at Rapid Foundation Repair of Colorado as soon as possible.

Pooling Water in Yard in Denver, COThe water collected around your home may start to seep into your basement through the concrete. Because concrete is porous, it is not difficult for water to soak through it and make its way into your basement or crawlspace. Not only does this create a damp or wet basement or crawlspace, but it also weakens the foundation, opening the door to various foundation problems.

When water pools next to concrete, it starts to wear away at the concrete. This may cause the foundation to crumble and crack over time, as prolonged exposure to water causes several issues in concrete, such as spalling and general deterioration.

Even if water is not directly in contact with your foundation, it can still cause problems. Excess water in your yard increases the amount of hydrostatic pressure in the soil near your foundation. This pressure pushes on the foundation - if the pressure becomes too high, the foundation will crack or shift, giving water an easily accessible entry point into your basement.

Prevent Pooling Water in Your Denver, Colorado Home

The two most vital systems to prevent water from pooling in your yard are the basement drainage (surface drainage) and exterior drainage systems. The most important components of these systems are:

  • Gutters(Basement): Prevent rainwater from pooling around foundation.
  • Downspouts(Basement): Carry water from gutters away from home.
  • Grading(Basement): This is the slope of the yard around your foundation, which helps keep water from forming puddles near the home.
  • Catch Basins(Basement): Collect water runoff from yard to stop puddle formation.
  • Waterproof Membrane(Exterior): Waterproof coating that covers exterior walls of foundation underground.
  • Drainage Board(Exterior): Dimpled board applied to exterior foundation wall to encourage water to drain down wall and into drain pipes.
  • Drain Pipes(Exterior): Perforated pipes that carry groundwater from drainage boards away from the foundation.

These systems reduce both surface water and groundwater to keep your foundation safe from water in your yard. Let us know how we can help you out by calling us today. We offer quality basement waterproofing in Denver, CO.


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