wall anchor foundation repair in Denver, ColoradoBowing or leaning foundation walls are a major problem for many homeowners. If the walls in your basement are starting to lean or bow inward, it could cause cracks to form in them as well. This may lead to water leakage or pest infestation, serious problems for your home. Stop bowing and leaning walls with wall anchors from Rapid Foundation Repair. These anchoring devices are used to correct bowing and leaning walls keeping them straight and stabilized to fix existing foundation problems while also preventing future problems from arising. We offer our premiere wall anchor installation services to the Denver, Colorado area; contact us for more information.

Wall anchors, also known as plate anchors, are an incredibly useful underpinning product that can be used to correct:

  • Bowing foundation walls
  • Rotating foundation walls
  • Bulging foundation walls
  • Leaning foundation walls
  • Cracks in foundation walls

Wall Anchors as Foundation Solutions for Denver, CO

The bowing and leaning walls in your basement are most likely caused by pressure from the soil outside. When there is excess groundwater in the soil, it causes an increase in hydrostatic pressure. If this pressure increases too much, it will push against the foundation, causing it to shift and the walls to bow and crack. That is where wall anchors come in. These devices attach to the wall from the interior and anchor into the soil adjacent to the yard. This allows them to put opposite lateral pressure on the walls, pulling them back into place.

To install wall anchors, a small section of the sod in the adjacent yard must be removed. Next, the earth anchor hole can be augured into the ground. A long steel rod is installed through a small hole in the bowing wall. This rod will connect the wall and the anchor to apply the necessary pressure. Once the anchor is installed in the hole outside and attached to the rod, the wall plate can be attached to the interior of the wall over the rod. Te plate is tightened into place, securing the rod and attaching the anchor and the wall. Finally, the hole can be filled and the sod replaced. The anchor is tightened at regular, spaced intervals to gradually straighten the wall. This is to ensure that the wall does not become overly strained and crack from the pressure.

ECP (Earth Contact Products) wall anchors are made of high quality steel, and heavily reinforced. With the top notch products from leading supplier ECP, and the experienced installation services from the professional team at Rapid Foundation Repairs, your bowing or leaning basement walls will be back to normal in no time. Wall anchors are an excellent choice for your foundation repair needs; they have a quick installation time, cause little disturbance to the yard, require minimal excavation, are easy to conceal, and require little to no maintenance once installed. If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and notice bowing or leaning foundation walls in your home, call us right away to set up an estimate. We are the foundation repair professionals in Denver.


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