Steel Piers used for foundation repair in Denver, COIf you live in Denver, Colorado, you are probably familiar with the sudden changes of weather that sometimes occur here. All of these unexpected temperature changes and severe storms can take a toll on your foundation. The best way to support a foundation that has begun to sink or settle is with an underpinning method such as steel push pier installation. If you have a shifting or settling foundation, don't hesitate to call Rapid Foundation Repair immediately. The longer you wait, the more serious the issue will become. This could result in more extensive repairs and higher costs.

If the soil around your home becomes too saturated with water, it will cause an increase in the hydrostatic pressure, pushing against the foundation and causing it to shift, crack, or settle. A settling foundation can lead to various other structural issues in all areas of the home such as:

  • bowing or leaning foundation walls
  • basement water leakage
  • wall cracks
  • ceiling cracks
  • sticking windows or doors
  • floor cracks
  • sloped or uneven floors

Benefits of Installing Steel Piers in your Denver, CO Home

To effectively stabilize and support a settling foundation, the Rapid team installs one or more steel push piers under the foundation.

The installation process for steel push piers should only be completed by a trained professional and contains a few very specific steps:

  • Preparation: First, access areas are dug for each pier, strategically placed to offer the best support for the foundation. Then the bearing underneath the footing is leveled and prepared.
  • Installation: The pipe from the pier is driven into the soil with a portable high-pressure hydraulic cylinder. Depending on the job site and situation, this process can be completed inside or outside.
  • Load Testing: each pier is carefully load tested to ensure that it can bear the weight of the foundation.
  • Restoration: The bottom plate and bearing plate are placed onto the piers and connected to one or more manifold and hydraulic hand pumps. The load of the foundation is then transferred slowly onto the piers and the entire structure is lifted to the proper position.
  • Clean up: Any excavated soil is replaced and the equipment is removed from the work site.

This completes the installation process for steel push piers. We use steel push piers from Earth Contact Products (ECP) to make sure that your home is well stabilized. These piers penetrate the soil deeply, anchoring into the stable soils beneath the top layers of shifting soil. This means that they are able to support the foundation of both lightweight and heavy weight structures. Plus, the minimally invasive installation process makes them a great choice for nearly every foundation repair task.

If you are a resident of the Denver, Colorado area and are in need of steel push pier installation for your settling foundation, contact the Rapid Foundation Repair team. Our foundation repair specialists will have your foundation back to normal in no time. Call us today to set up an estimate or to learn more about all of our foundation repair techniques.


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