Sinking Garage in Your Colorado Home

Sinking garage solutions in your Colorado home by Rapid Foundation RepairMany homeowners are aware that foundation issues can pose a threat to their home. Another area, however, which can be affected by foundation failure is the garage. The garage foundation, much like the home foundation, can experience foundation problems such as sinking and settlement. If your garage foundation starts to settle and sink, it may lead to further structural problems, such as foundation cracks, bowing or leaning walls, gaps and spaces, and sloped or uneven floors. Contact a foundation repair contractor from Rapid Foundation Repair right away to take care of the sinking and settling foundation in your garage.

There are several different situations that can cause your garage's foundation to sink or settle. The most common of these causes of foundation failure include:

  • Erosion: This happens when rainwater or groundwater wash away soil beneath the foundation, forming voids and spaces to form. These spaces cannot support the above foundation; this causes the foundation to sink or settle.
  • Soil Shrinkage: Soil shrinkage, which occurs when the soil shrinks due to lack of moisture in extremely dry, drought-like conditions.
  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil under the foundation was not properly compacted at the time of construction, it will settle over time. If this happens, the foundation above will sink as well.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Excess moisture in the ground will cause an increase in the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. This pressure pushes against the foundation, causing it to sink and shift.

These are all causes of a sinking garage foundation. If you notice the foundation in your garage sinking, contact a professional to have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. The foundation repair experts can fix your sinking garage foundation to avoid the formation of structural problems like sloped floors, floor cracks, and wall problems.

Solutions for Your Sinking Garage Foundation in Denver, Colorado

Sinking garage repair in Colorado by Rapid Foundation RepairOne of the best ways to fix a sinking foundation of any kind is to install steel push piers. Push piers work to support and lift the foundation by installing deep into the ground and shifting the weight of the structure from the unstable foundation to the anchored piers. These piers are driven into the ground under the foundation until they reach the load bearing soils beneath the top shifting layers. Once installed, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers and they can be used to lift and stabilize the foundation.

Another solution is helical pier installation. Much like steel push piers, these devices install deep underground and support the weight of the structure to take stress off of the sinking foundation. The main difference between helical piers and steel push piers is that helical piers are screwed into the ground instead of driven in. This provides a bit of extra stability for the foundation. Other solutions for your sinking garage foundation include helical wall tiebacks and wall anchors. These devices are both used to straighten and pull into place shifting and sinking foundations.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and are in need of a solution for your sinking garage foundation, call Rapid Foundation Repair today.


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