Sinking or Settling Foundation in Your Colorado Home

Settling foundation solutions in Colorado by Rapid Foundation RepairOne of the most common and most troublesome foundation problems is a sinking or settling foundation. Sinking foundations are often the result of the formation of voids and spaces beneath the foundation. These spaces are normally caused by erosion, which occurs when water washes away the soil under the foundation, or soil shrinkage from lack of moisture. Since the foundation is not properly supported from below, it will start to sink and settle. Foundation settlement can also be caused by poor soil compaction at the time of construction; if the soil was not properly packed down, it may settle over time, taking the above foundation with it. If you have a sinking or settling foundation, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. This will prevent further structural problems from arising. For your sinking or settling foundation repair needs in the Denver, Colorado area, contact Rapid Foundation Repair today.

If your home's foundation starts to settle or sink, it will most likely result in several other issues throughout the home. This is because the foundation, which supports the entire home, has started to become unstable, causing the home to shift, and the walls to pull away from the foundation. Look for the following signs of a sinking or settling foundation in your home:

If you see any of these symptoms of foundation failure in your home, call a repair expert to find a solution right away. The foundation repair contractors at Rapid Foundation Repair can provide you with an effective and affordable repair solution to keep your foundation in top condition.

Sinking and Settling Foundation Solutions in Denver, Colorado

Foundation repair in Colorado by Rapid Foundation RepairOne of the best solutions for sinking or settling foundations is to install helical piers. Helical piers are screwed into the ground beneath the foundation until they reach the load bearing soils deep underground. Once they are securely anchored into the ground, the piers can be used to provide stability for the foundation and to lift it back to its original position. These piers are able to support the weight of the structure while restoring the foundation. This helps prevent foundation problems and close any foundation cracks that may have formed.

Steel push piers can also be used to lift and support your sinking or settling foundation. These underpinning devices work mush the same as helical piers, except instead of being screwed into the ground, they are driven into the ground. Once they are driven deep into the stable soils beneath the top shifting layers. The piers remove stress from the sinking foundation by taking the weight off of it and supporting the structure. This helps lift and stabilize the foundation. If your foundation is shifting as well as sinking, it may be necessary to install helical tiebacks or wall anchors as well. This will help pull the foundation back into place and provide support for it.

For a quality repair solution for your sinking or settling foundation, contact Rapid Foundation Repair right away.


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