Leaning or Cracked Chimney in Your Colorado Home

The chimney is one of the largest, heaviest parts of your home. This means that if the chimney is not properly supported from underneath, it could develop serious issues, such as cracking, leaning, or tilting. Foundation problems such as settlement, shifting, and cracking often lead to leaning chimneys. These foundation problems are the result of excess moisture in the soil, or of shifting soils due to poor compaction or drought-like conditions. Leaning or cracking chimneys can lead to water problems, or several other structural problems throughout the home. To prevent all of these issues, make sure that your foundation is in good shape. If you do see a foundation problem beginning to form, contact the repair experts at Rapid Foundation Repair to take care of it as soon as possible.

If your chimney starts to lean, and pull away from the home, it will create gaps and spaces that create an entry point for water. Chimney cracks can also create an entry point for water, or for pests. Chimney cracks and leaning may also indicate that the chimney liner beneath the masonry or brick is cracked. This can cause dangerous combustible gases to leak into the home, creating serious health issues for you and your family.

To fix your chimney, you must first determine whether or not the problem is being caused by foundation failure. Fortunately, there are a few key signs to tell if this is the case in your chimney:

  • Gaps between siding and chimney: If there are gaps and spaces between the house and the chimney where the chimney has started to pull away, the chimney lean is most likely the result of foundation failure.
  • Leaning in the attic: Check the attic to see if the chimney is leaning and not centered in the framed opening. If the chimney is pressed against one side of the opening, it could be a sign that the chimney problems were caused by foundation problems such as sinking and settlement.
  • Uneven mortar joints: The horizontal mortar joints should be level; if they are not, it could mean that a foundation problem has caused the chimney to lean and crack.
  • Leaking Chimney: Leaks in the roof around your chimney due to dislodged flashing, or leaks caused by cracks in the chimney itself are the sign of a settling foundation.

If you see any of these issues in your home, it is time to contact the repair experts at Rapid Foundation Repair right away.

Solutions for Leaning or Cracked Chimneys

Leaning chimney repair solutions in Colorady by Rapid Foundation RepairThe best solution for a leaning chimney is to install foundation piers, such as helical piers or steel push piers. These devices anchor into the stable, load-bearing soils deep underground.  Once anchored, the piers transfer the weight of the structure from the unstable foundation to themselves, and are used to lift and stabilize the foundation. Both helical piers and steel push piers perform the same job, but work in slightly different ways. Helical piers are screwed into the ground, while steel push piers are driven into the ground.

Other foundation repair solutions that we offer include wall anchors and helical tiebacks. These can be used to pull shifting foundations back into the proper position. For these and other foundation repair methods to fix your leaning or cracking chimney, contact the repair professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair today.


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