Leaky Basements in Colorado

Leaky Basement Repair in ColoradoOne of the main issues surrounding a wet basement is basement leakage. Leaking basement walls and floors are a main cause of water entry for many of the homes in Colorado. Most of the time, these leaky basements are the result of cracks forming in your basement floor, or the foundation walls that enclose your basement. If there are cracks in the foundation, groundwater and any surface water sitting around your foundation will be able to leak through these cracks and damage the property stored in your basement. This water leakage can also cause structural damage to your foundation. The basement waterproofing team at Rapid Foundation Repair of Colorado can help you fix basement leaks in your home.

Before deciding what to do about the water leaking into your basement, you should examine the area and try to determine the underlying cause of the leaks. Some of the most common causes of basement leaks are:

  • Foundation Cracks: If your foundation has developed cracks for some reason, it provides the perfect entry point for water. While larger cracks typically denote a more serious problem, even tiny hairline cracks can lead to water problems.
  • Bowing and Leaning Walls: Foundation walls that have started to bow or lean inward could be the result of increased hydrostatic pressure in the ground around the foundation. This can lead to cracks and basement water leakage.
  • Settling Foundations: Sinking or settling foundations also lead to basement leakage, as the settling foundation is much more susceptible to crack or gap formation. Cracks and gaps in your foundation may lead to water entering through the soil or the ground above the foundation.
  • Water in Yard: Water that is allowed to gather in puddles around the foundation of your home can cause leakage by seeping through the concrete or through cracks near the top of your foundation.

Techniques to Prevent Basement Leaks in Your Colorado Home

Solutions for Leaky Basements in ColoradoIn order to stop water from leaking into your basement, it is important to make sure that any cracks in your foundation are taken care of. The use of helical piers or steel push piers to underpinning settling and shifting foundations and restore them to their proper positions can help to close foundation cracks by leveling out the concrete. Wall anchors can also helps, as these devices pull bowing or leaning foundation walls back into place. Once the walls are back in place, any cracks that formed in them will be closed up and remaining cracks can be sealed. We use quality products from Earth Contact Products to complete these jobs and stop water leakage in your basement.

Once the cracks are sealed to stop leakage, various waterproofing techniques can be used to prevent water leakage from occurring again and to remove water from your basement. To get water out of the basement, consider investing in interior drainage, complete with a sump pump system. Exterior drainage and surface drainage can help keep water away from your foundation to cut down future water leakage.

For all of these solutions, contact the professional team at Rapid Foundation Repair of Colorado as soon as possible.


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