Helical Tiebacks fix bowing walls in Denver, COHelical wall tiebacks or anchors are used to straighten and strengthen basement walls. These tiebacks are a great repair method for foundation walls that have started to bow or lean inward to to outside pressure. If the soil around your home becomes over saturated with water, it will cause an increase in the hydrostatic pressure in the ground. If his pressure increases significantly enough, it will push against the foundation, causing it to shift and crack. To fix the bowing or leaning wall, helical tiebacks can be installed. Rapid Foundation Repair has a team of professionals that are experienced in helical tieback installation. We are proud to serve the Denver, Colorado area with quality foundation repair services.

Here at Rapid Foundation Repairs, we use helical tiebacks from ECP (Earth Contact Products). ECP is the leading supplier of foundation products in the industry, providing foundation specialists with high grade steel products to ensure a long lasting, sturdy repair. These tiebacks are very versatile and can be used in several different applications to correct bowing walls, including:

  • Basement walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Shoring
  • Temporary wall support
  • Sea walls
  • Tilt up construction

Helical tiebacks can be used to straighten the walls and provide extra strength to prevent future foundation problems from arising. Helical tiebacks work much like giant screws, installed laterally through the wall and anchoring into the ground outside to apply pressure and support. These anchoring devices are installed from the inside of the walls. through a small hole that can later be sealed to keep out dirt and moisture. Then, the wall can be pulled back into place using minimal exterior excavation. This process brings the wall back to its original position and stabilizes it to solve a variety of structural and foundation issues.

Benefits of Installing Helical Tiebacks in your Denver, CO Home

There are many great benefits that are attached to using helical tiebacks for bowing or leaning wall repair:

  • No excavation required for removal
  • Can be installed in any weather
  • Can be immediately tested and loaded
  • No concrete trucks needed
  • Flexibility is maximized to deal with changing soil conditions
  • Minimized labor costs
  • Can be installed in limited access areas

Bowing, leaning or cracked foundation walls that are left alone will only get worse with time. Not only does this make them harder to repair, but it could lead to other structural issues throughout the home, such as wall cracks, sloped or uneven floors, wet basement or crawlspace, sticking windows or doors, water stains, floor cracks, or foundation settlement. If you live in the Denver, Colorado and are in need of a solution for your bowing or leaning foundation walls, contact the experts at Rapid Foundation Repair right away. We are experienced in helical tieback installation; our services will have your foundation walls back to normal in no time. Call us today for more information or to set up an estimate for your home.


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