garage foundation problems in denver, coOften garage foundation problems are ignored. When your garage foundation shows signs of settlement, you need to repair your foundation promptly in order to prevent further damage. Some conditions such as poor drainage, inadequate waterproofing, poor construction and plumbing leaks can compromise the integrity of your foundation. Just like your home, they encounter foundation issues such as cracks, settlement and sinking. Fortunately, these problems are fairly obvious to identify. Whether you have an attached or detached garage, our experts can inspect your foundation in the Denver, Colorado area.

Warning Signs of Garage Foundation Failure

  • Sloping or Uneven Floors: Uneven and sloping garage floors are clear indications of foundation problems. This can be caused by maturing tree roots that dehydrates the soil beneath the foundation.
  • Rotating Walls: Walls rotating outwards are usually linked to differential settlement. Poor construction and soil-related properties have a major impact on the way a home settles.
  • Separating Doors and Walls: Walls separating from the garage door, windows or ceiling are signs of foundation failure. In addition, there may be a separation at the floors. Doors and windows may become difficult to open and close. These conditions are caused by poor site preparation, improper grading or poorly compacted soil.
  • Misaligned Windows and Doors: Doors and windows should be accessible. But when they encounter settlement, they can be hard to open. Due to poor drainage and saturated soil, the soil around the garage swells causing settlement.
  • Wall and Floor cracks: Cracks in the floors and walls are the warning signs of garage foundation problems. In addition, there may be diagonal cracks at the corners of windows and doors. These types of cracks are caused by stress against the foundation walls and inconsistent moisture levels in the soil.

Garage Foundation Solutions for Denver, CO

Regardless of why you have garage foundation problems, our team of experts can help alleviate the issue before you encounter additional damage. We offer the following repair methods:

  • Steel Push Piers: A steel bracket is attached to your foundation, then a steel rod is placed underground to raise your foundation back to normal. However, minimal excavation is needed in order to effectively complete the process.
  • Wall Anchors: Wall anchor installation is an effective, maintenance free alternative that can be installed year round to straighten your rotating garage walls.

In conclusion, Rapid Foundation Repair repairs cracking, gaps, spaces and other structural issues in your garage. We use the latest foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products to ensure effective results. Our professional team has the skills and expertise to solve all of your garage needs to give you peace of mind. Give us a call today if you have any questions or need a free estimate. We proudly serve the Denver, Colorado area.




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