gaps and spaces indicate foundation problems in denver coGaps between your ceiling and wall need to be addressed not only because they are unsightly, but also because they can be the result of foundation issues. Filling the gaps with epoxy or polyurethane injections can serve as a temporary fix, but in order to fully eradicate the problem, you may need to invest in foundation repair services. Gaps and spaces are the product of stress on the walls as a result of shifting or settling foundation. If you notice gaps or spaces in your ceiling or walls, it is time to contact the foundation repair experts at Rapid Foundation Repair.

If your home's foundation begins to settle, it will cause problems throughout the interior and exterior alike. Foundations settle for a variety of reasons, such as poor soil compaction at the time of construction, heavily saturated soil causing increased hydrostatic pressure, voids opening beneath the foundation due to erosion or soil shrinkage, and others. Regardless of the source of your foundation's problem, it is important to have it checked out and corrected as soon as possible. In addition to gaps between the walls and ceiling, there are other additional indicators that your home is in need of foundation repair:

  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Wall cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Wet basement
  • Windows or doors that stick or are difficult to open

If you observe any of these issues occurring in conjunction with the gaps in between your walls and ceiling, it is a definite indication of foundation failure. It is important to have complete awareness of these symptoms in your home as a foundation repair contractor should be contacted as soon as possible for the best chance of proper correction.

Correcting Gaps Between Ceilings and Walls in Your Colorado Home

Installing steel piers is the most common method of fixing a settling foundation. These piers are easily installed and individually load tested to ensure maximum efficiency. They are built to last throughout all weather conditions and to support heavy loads for years to come. When installed, the piers are driven deep into the earth below the foundation until they become nestled in the stable soil far beneath the shifting top layers. Once secure, they support the foundation and lift it back to its intended level.

After the foundation has been securely lifted and stabilized, any existing cracks and gaps are able to be filled or sealed. The steel piers will prevent the foundation from settling any further and causing additional problems, so you can rest assured that your home remain completely sound.

If you notice gaps or spaces between your walls and ceiling, contact the foundation repair experts at Rapid Foundation Repair today. We are happy to consult with you on any of your foundation repair needs and work together to determine and implement the most effective and affordable solution. Contact us today for additional information.


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