What is Causing My Colorado Foundation to Shift or Settle?

Foundation shifting repair in CO with underpinning by Rapid Foundation RepairFoundation shifting is an urgent problem, and many homeowners are unaware that the structural integrity of their home is being compromised. If you suspect that your foundation is shifting, it is a good idea to play it safe by contacting a professional foundation repair contractor such as Rapid Foundation Repair at your earliest convenience. When ignored or neglected, moving foundations have a tendency to snowball into a series of costly and troublesome damage throughout the rest of the home. If quality foundation repair services is what you seek, contact Rapid Foundation Repair. We are the foundation repair experts in Colorado, and our knowledgeable and experienced team can have your foundation problems diagnosed and remedied in no time!

Foundation shifting is a relatively routine problem. A number of elements can cause foundations to shift, including:
  • Soil quality: Clay soil is an expansive variety that is particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture content. The unpredictable nature of Colorado's weather can exacerbate this, and unfortunately for many homeowners, clay soil covers much of the state. If your home was constructed on clay soil, it is more susceptible to foundation shifting.
  • Poor compaction: Proper soil compaction at the time time of construction is critical in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. If your home or business was built in a limited time span or by an inexperienced worker, it is likely that the soil beneath your foundation was neglected, increasing the foundation's susceptibility to moving in inclement weather.
  • Maturing vegetation: Trees and shrubs planted next to your home are aesthetically pleasing, but if planted too close to the foundation, their roots will push on and shift it. This is particularly common in dry spells as the plants search for water.
  • Age-related deterioration: Although it is noted for its strength and durability, no concrete slab can last forever. As the concrete progressively deteriorates, the foundation will shift accordingly.

Solutions for Shifting Foundations in Colorado

Regardless of what is behind your home's foundation problems, the experts at Rapid Foundation Repair are here to intervene and put a stop to the structural damage once and for all. We combat foundation failure with minimally invasive helical wall tiebacks and wall anchors, which relieve any outstanding stress on the foundation that is causing it to shift, sink, settle, or crack. Our tiebacks and anchors are installed quickly and are cost effective, contributing to their popularity with homeowners.

If you tired of combating recurring foundation problems and structural damage, do not delay; contact Rapid Foundation Repair today. We will thoroughly inspect the damage inflicted on your foundation and work with you to determine the best course of action. Contact us today for more information on how we can restore your Colorado foundation, and for your free estimate!


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