Foundation Repair in Denver, Colorado

Foundation problems of any kind are a big deal for homeowners in the Denver, Colorado area. If you notice any of the signs of foundation failure in your home, contact a repair expert from Rapid Foundation Repair right away. No matter what is causing the foundation problems in your home, we can help. Often, foundation problems care caused by void formation underneath your foundation. This can happen during drought-like conditions, when the lack of moisture in the ground results in shrinking soil. As the soil shrinks, it may start to fall away, creating gaps and spaces beneath the concrete. Erosion can also form voids - as the soil beneath your foundation is washed away due to excess water, it may form voids that lead to a sinking foundation.

Another cause of foundation problems is shifting soil or pressure on the foundation. This can be the result of roots growing close to the foundation and pushing on the concrete, or poor soil compaction at the time of construction leading to soil movement over time. Increased hydrostatic pressure from abnormally high amounts of groundwater can push on the foundation, causing it to shift and crack.

Some of the common signs of foundation problems in your Denver, Colorado home may include:

These are just a few of the signs that indicate major issues with your foundation. Problems such as these should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your foundation and problems in your home.

Solutions for Foundation Repair in Denver, CO from Rapid Foundation Repair

Fortunately, the expert team here at Rapid Foundation Repair has an experienced team of foundation repair contractors who can help you fix any foundation issue in your Denver, Colorado home. We several different techniques and products to reverse the damage to your foundation:

  • Steel Push Piers: Steel piers are one of the underpinning products that we use to support and lift sinking and settling foundations. For this solution, the piers are driven underground directly under settling areas of the foundation. Eventually, the piers anchor into the solid soil deep underground and can be used to lift the foundation to its original level.
  • Helical Piers: These underpinning tools perform the same function as steel push piers. The main difference is that helical piers are covered in threads, and are screwed into the ground. The weight of the structure is then transferred onto the piers to take pressure off of the concrete and lift the foundation.
  • Helical Wall Tiebacks/Anchors: Helical anchoring tiebacks are kind of like helical piers that are installed horizontally through the basement walls. Then, the piers are screwed farther into the yard to apply pressure that pulls the shifting foundation walls back into place.
  • Foundation Wall Anchors: Wall Anchors are also used to fix shifting foundations and bowing walls. First, an anchor is installed in the ground next to the wall. Then, this anchor is attached to the interior basement wall using a rod and a wall plate. The rod can be tightened to straighten the wall over time, pulling it back into place.

These are the most effective methods of foundation repair that we offer at Rapid Foundation Repair in Colorado. If you notice problems in your home, call us today. We specialize in foundation repair in Denver, CO.


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