What is Causing The Floors in My Colorado Home to Crack?

Floor crack repair in Colorado by Radpid Foundation RepairIt is never fun to notice cracks in the floor of your Colorado home or garage. Instead of simply tossing a rug over the offending area, consider enlisting the help of an experienced foundation contractor to evaluate the state of your floor, as floor cracks are a common sign of foundation failure. To get a better idea of the degree of damage your floor may be experiencing, here are a few of the most common types of floor cracks and what they mean:

  • Expansion cracks: These are usually found next to an adjacent object like a wall or concrete slab, and are frequently accompanied by chipping or flaking. Excessively hot temperatures have a tendency to elicit more expansion cracks.
  • Shrinkage cracks: Shrinkage cracks result from improper mixing or hot temperatures and are usually found in newer construction. Shrinkage places stress on the slab, and the only method of relief is for the concrete to fracture. These cracks usually develop in the center of the slab, around pipes or other plumbing fixtures.
  • Cracks from settling: When the soil is devoid of moisture it contracts, creating voids beneath the foundation and causing it to crack. Settlement cracks are usually accompanied by a bulging wall.
  • Cracks from heaving: Hot and dry conditions are not your foundation's only enemy; freezing temperatures can wreak havoc as well. When the ground becomes saturated and freezes, the foundation is immobilized, leading to cracks. Heaving-related cracks usually appear in conjunction with uneven floors.

Sealing Floor Cracks in Your Colorado Home

No matter the type, location, or severity of your floor's cracks, Rapid Foundation Repair has the most effective solution. We can conduct a home inspection to determine what is causing your floor to crack and generate a plan of action. For minor repairs, we utilize crack injections. In this process, epoxy or polyurethane foam is inserted into the wall and allowed to expand, forming a protective seal to strengthen the wall and block water or pests from entering. A few of the many benefits of crack injections include:

  • Elimination of leaks
  • Quick and cost-efficient
  • No exterior excavation necessary
  • Further strengthens the affected area
  • 10 year warranty

Although crack injections are a quick and inexpensive fix for small fractures, more invasive cracks indicate deeper foundation problems. An unstable foundation can impact all areas of your home, including the floors, ceiling, and basement. If ignored for too long, these problems can spiral into damage that is time-consuming and expensive to repair. To avoid troublesome repairs, it is a good idea to have your floors thoroughly inspected by our experienced team from Rapid Foundation Repair. If the cracks in your floor are traced to foundation problems, we will suggest push pier or wall anchor installation to raise, secure, and strengthen the entire foundation against future complications.

If floor cracks of any size or severity have infiltrated your home, pick up the phone today and call our professional foundation repair team at Rapid Foundation Repair. We are your foundation repair experts in Colorado.


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