exterior drainage is essential for homes in denver coOne of the most important parts of any home's basement waterproofing system is exterior drainage. Exterior drainage systems can collect and reroute water before it reaches the interior of the basement. When combined with interior and surface drainage systems, the exterior drainage system can help protect your basement or crawlspace from water damage for years to come. Here at Rapid Foundation Repair, we use premiere waterproofing products from ECP (Earth Contact Products). Contact a basement waterproofing expert from Rapid today to find a solution for all of the water issues in your Denver, Colorado home.

Exterior drainage systems work to catch and remove water before it can enter your home. If you consistently notice wet, soggy ground around your home, or pooling around your foundation, it may be wise to invest in exterior drainage solutions from Rapid. We offer quality solutions to protect your home from basement water problems and to keep your foundation effectively waterproofed. Have your home inspected by one of the professionals form our team today.

Exterior Drainage Solutions in Denver, CO

There are a few key components to the exterior drainage system. All of these different components work together to drain water away from the foundation and seal it out of the basement. The primary components of an exterior drainage system are:

  • Waterproofing Membrane
  • Dimple Drainage Board
  • Perforated Drain Pipe
  • Drain Pipe Fittings
  • Sump Pit or Basin
  • Sump Pump System
  • Sump Pump Discharge

The waterproofing membrane is a durable material that is applied to the outside of the foundation walls to seal out water and prevent seepage or water leakage through wall cracks. This membrane is normally applied to the foundation by roller or spray to keep water from entering. The dimple drainage board is a prefabricated drainage board made of geo-textile fabric. This board is installed over the exterior foundation walls on top of the waterproofing membrane. The drainage board is covered in small dimples that create space between the board and the foundation walls, allowing the water to run down the board and reach the drain pipes at the base of the foundation.

The drain pipes, located below the foundation, carry this water away from the home so that it cannot get into the basement. Although the sump pit and sump pump system are often considered a part of the interior drainage system, they also serve an important part in exterior drainage. The sump pump system not only removes water that has found its way into the basement, but also groundwater that has collected around the foundation. For this reason, the sump pump system is often considered an important part of the exterior drainage system as well as the interior.

Waterproofing is important for the safety of any home's structural integrity. If water leaks into your basement, it may cause flooding, water damage, rust, wood rot, and mold growth. All of these are issues that can be prevented with drainage solutions from Rapid Foundation Repair. Call us today to see which exterior drainage systems are the best for your home.


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