Door and Window Problems in Colorado

Door and window repair in CO by Rapid Foundation RepairAs your home ages, it becomes increasingly susceptible to developing misaligned or sticking doors and windows as well as gaps or cracks in the walls around them. Not only are sticking doors and windows a nuisance, but they can also take a bite out of your energy bill, as your heating and cooling systems are working overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. In addition, door and window problems are often indicative of some serious foundation issues. If your doors and windows have begun to stick, have developed cracks around them, or are pulling away from the walls, it is best to contact a foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. Our team at Rapid Foundation Repair is the expert in foundation restoration in Colorado.

Door and window problems can be caused by a few different issues, but the culprit is most commonly traced to the home's foundation, which is likely experiencing shifting or settlement. Some of the most common issues behind foundation settlement include:

  • Soil saturation: When the soil is subjected to an influx of water (usually after flooding or heavy snowfall), it becomes fully saturated and unable to absorb additional moisture. If the soil is exposed to moisture past its saturation point, it will release any hydrostatic pressure that has built up, pushing on the foundation and shifting it.

  • Soil shrinkage: When the soil is robbed of moisture in dry months, the soil will contract and cause the foundation to settle.

  • Erosion: Torrential rain can instigate erosion, washing away the soil surrounding and underneath your foundation. When this occurs, voids develop beneath the foundation, causing settlement.

  • Improperly compacted soil: Experienced contractors know the importance of proper soil compaction, but if your home was constructed hastily or by an inexperienced worker, the soil beneath your foundation was likely neglected. If the soil is not properly compacted, it will gradually shift, taking with it the foundation above.

Solutions for Sticking Windows and Doors in Your Colorado Home

At Rapid Foundation Repair, we rely on foundation piers to raise and stabilize sinking or settling foundations. These highly durable piers are installed deep underground where they relieve excess tension from the affected foundation and simultaneously lift it back to its original position. Once the foundation has been raised and secured, the piers will provide stability and protection, ensuring the complete durability and functionality of the foundation for many years to come

If your windows and doors have developed a tendency to stick, do not be tempted to simply blame the humidity. Although there are many indicators of foundation failure, a few telltale signs include wedge shaped gaps around doors, molding separating from walls, drywall cracks, and cracks in the foundation. Foundation repairs are much easier and cheaper when implemented early on, so if you observe any of the aforementioned issues in your home or business, contact Rapid Foundation Repair immediately to we can inspect the damage. We are happy to work with you to determine the best solution for your home and budget!


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