Crawlspace Mold and Mildew in Colorado

If you notice a musty smell in your crawlspace, you probably have a mold or mildew issue. Moisture in the crawlspace often results in old growth, so it is not uncommon to find mold in damp areas or in a crawlspace with high humidity. Because your crawlspace does not necessarily have to be flooded to start growing mold, it may be difficult to tell whether or not you have mold issues. After all, crawlspace tend to be dim, and you most likely do not spend much time there. When you are checking for mold in your crawlspace, look for common symptoms of moisture: high humidity, condensation, water stains, wood rot, etc. If you do see mold, contact the team at Rapid Foundation Repair of Colorado right away to find a solution.

Crawlspace Mold and Mildew in ColoradoAside from creating an unpleasant odor and being generally unattractive, mold can have several detrimental consequences in your crawlspace. Some of these include:

  • Mold Growth on Insulation
  • Mold Growth on Wooden Supports
  • Musty Odors in Crawlspace
  • Mold Growth on Possessions
  • Mold Infected Air

These are some of the reasons that it is vital to get rid of mold right away. Mold that grows on any personal possessions that you store in the crawlspace can ruin your belongings. Mold growing on wooden supports is a good indicator that the wood is starting to rot, leading to structural failure in your crawlspace. Mold on fiberglass insulation means that you will have to tear out and replace the insulation.

The musty odors in your crawlspace may start to seep into the rest of the home as well, making the whole place uncomfortable. Aside from being unpleasant, the musty odor also means that mold spores from the air in the crawlspace have started to circulate through the air in other areas of your home. This means that you and your family may be breathing mold infected air from the crawlspace!

Solutions for Crawlspace Mold and Mildew in Your Colorado Home

To get rid of the mold problem in your home, it is important to first make sure that moisture is not allowed to get in the crawlspace. This can be using an exterior drainage system and a basement, or surface drainage system. The basement drainage system gets rid of standing water around your foundation with components such as the gutters, downspouts, and the grading around the home. The exterior drainage system helps to keep water out using a waterproof coating on the foundation walls and a drainage board with pipes to help water flow down to the base of the foundation where it is carries away.

The next step, to keep water from getting into your crawlspace even if the drainage systems fail, is crawlspace encapsulation with a vapor barrier. This barrier consists of a waterproof material such as plastic or foil that is installed inside the crawlspace along the walls, floor, and ceiling. The barrier prevents moisture from seeping through the concrete and from leaking through cracks. By sealing water out of the crawlspace, the vapor barrier prevents mold growth.

These are just some of the waterproofing solutions we offer at Rapid Foundation Repair to keep your home free of mold.


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