chimney problems in denver co homesA leaning or tilting chimney not only looks alarming, it poses a serious safety threat to homeowners. Chimney problems can cause major foundation expenses, or even serious safety concerns due to fallen bricks. In addition, leaning chimneys can pull away from the home's siding, creating an opening for unwanted pests and water. So it is imperative to repair your leaning chimney to prevent further damage, wood rot and other crucial conditions. At Rapid Foundation Repair, we offer effective chimney repair in Denver, CO to keep you and your family safe from the damaging effects of chimney problems.

Masonry chimneys have heavy structures, therefore they rely on a stable, strong base. If the base becomes weak, the chimney may start to tilt and sway in high winds. There are few factors that can affect the structural integrity of your chimney, such as:

  • Missing footings
  • Poorly compacted soil
  • Crumbling, deteriorating footings
  • Inappropriate sized footings
  • Footings too shallow

The above signs are all linked to leaning chimneys. Whatever is causing your chimney problems, hire a professional to assess and repair it before it leads to addition foundation damage. Our team of experts will look for the following chimney problems:

  • Water leaks in the chimney
  • Unleveled horizontal mortar joints
  • Leaning or not centered chimney in the attic
  • Gaps and spaces between the siding and chimney

Chimney Solutions for Homes in Denver, CO

The first step to eradicate the problem is to locate the source which is the soil around and underneath the foundation. The most common repair method is steel push piers which are driven deep into the soil to support and stabilize the foundation. They are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

In addition to steel piers, Rapid offers helical piers to strengthen, support and straighten the chimney. Piers are driven into the soil, then brackets are placed onto the piers underneath the chimney footing. Little evacuation is needed and the installation process is completed in a short amount of time.

Our repair products are developed by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in the foundation repair industry, so you can have the latest products on the market. For all of your foundation repair needs in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area, contact the professionals at Rapid Foundation Repair. We will get your leaning chimney back to normal, so you can peace of mind. We offer free estimates so contact us today!




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